I Chrome Sky pubblicano il nuovo video di “Death Of A Hero”

Fuori “Death Of A Hero”, il nuovo video dei Chrome Sky, la seconda traccia del secondo album “Binary”.
L’album è disponibile in formato digitale, nei principali digital stores.

✔ Crediti Video

  • Directed By – Lorenzo Mascali (AKA – Lomask)
  • Starring – Silvio Laviano
  • Singer – Paolo Miano
  • FX Service – Simone Messina
  • Music – Paolo Miano – Mario Ferrarese
  • Lyrics – Paolo Miano
  • Rec-Mix-Master – Chrome Sky

✔ Promozione-Distribuzione

  • Label – Ghost Record
  • Distribution – Ghost Record/Crashsound/Believe Digital


And so even I
Though half divine
Must face death
And take my last breath

Born into greatness
I was raised as king
To be deemed a hero
and doomed to die young

My god-made armour
Can’t shield my swift foot
From the poisoned arrow
A coward dared to shoot

Through this early death
I gain eternal fame
For all the future mankind
Will hail my name

Anger brought me here
Love gave me away
Though undefeated in battles
I’m accomplishing my fate

Heading towards Hades
I will reach you soon
Are you waiting for me
There where there’s no moon?

Buried together
We’ll rest forever

Can you hear me coming?

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